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Americans for Prosperity Urges Guilford County Commissioners to Reject High Point Rockers’ Taxpayer-Funded Stadium Subsidy

Feb 22, 2021 by AFP

RALEIGH, NC—Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina (AFP-NC) today renewed its call to end taxpayer-funded stadium subsidies in the state as High Point city officials call on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners to invest $7 million in Truist Point ballpark in the name of “economic development.” Just three years ago, Guilford Commissioners rejected a whopping $35 million investment in High Point’s new baseball stadium.

AFP-NC State Director Chris McCoy issued the following statement:

“This proposal is a strike out for taxpayers and yet another home run for special interests. North Carolina taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook to bailout private companies or sports teams—especially those who continue to come back to local officials asking for more handouts. Families and small businesses are working hard to overcome the financial devastation of COVID-19 and bailing out the Rockers should be the last thing on Commissioners’ minds. Should elected officials side with special interests over hardworking taxpayers, our grassroots are ready to hold them accountable.”

For further information or an interview, reach Nicole Tardif,, 571-329-0161.