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Americans for Prosperity Urges Governor Laura Kelly to Swiftly Pass Occupational Licensing and Tax Decoupling Bills

Apr 12, 2021 by AFP

TOPEKA, Kan. – Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) issued the following statement as the grassroots organization awaits Gov. Laura Kelly’s signature on two key reform bills. The grassroots group applauds both chambers of the Legislature for passing both bills that will enable Kansans to find fulfilling work and allow workers to keep more of their hard-earned money. HB 2066 is a licensing recognition bill that will allow new residents in licensed occupations to practice in the state without redundant and burdensome processes. SB 50 is a tax decoupling bill that will allow taxpayers to finally stop an unintended increase in their state returns.

AFP-KS State Director Elizabeth Patton issued the following statement on HB 2066:

“Removing unnecessary and overburdensome red tape in our state can attract new residents in search of greater opportunity. It will allow people who move to Kansas to get to work quickly and succeed in our state. This action, along with continued licensing reforms, can give our economy the boost that it needs to recover stronger and better from the pandemic. It’s now been a year since the unprecedented pandemic locked down Kansas, and Wichita and Topeka’s employment numbers continue to lag. We urge Governor Kelly to swiftly sign this bill into law to open more doors and create more job opportunities for Kansans across the state.”

Patton added the following regarding SB 50:

 “Kansas is one of the last two states that are still not experiencing the full benefits of the landmark federal reforms from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law in 2017. This has only led to spending increases by our legislators as our state continues to collect tax dollars that were never intended for the state general fund in the first place. Those dollars should be given back to Kansas families. We urge Gov. Kelly to swiftly sign this bill into law as we approach the 2021 tax season.”

For further information or an interview, reach Stacia Komosinski at or (703) 812-2956.