Americans for Prosperity-Texas, The LIBRE Initiative-Texas Joint Statement on President Biden’s Border Visit

Feb 29, 2024 by AFP

AUSTIN, TX – Today, Americans for Prosperity – Texas (AFP-TX) and The LIBRE Initiative – Texas released a joint statement in response to President Biden visiting the U.S.-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas. 

AFP-TX state director, Genevieve Collins, said the following about Biden’s trip: 

“President Biden and his administration have done nothing but cause chaos on our southern border, leaving Texas to clean up the mess. His visit to the border today – only his second in three years as president – accomplished absolutely nothing. We hope that if he learned anything on the trip, it’s that an open border threatens the safety of all Americans, and especially those who live near it. 

“Instead of shifting the blame for the border crisis while public safety in Texas is put in jeopardy, Biden should fly back to Washington and work with Congress to prevent illegal border crossings and overhaul our immigration system. 

“A president’s first duty is to enforce the law. AFP-Texas supports efforts by current or future leaders to restore law and order on our border so that our country remains strong, secure, and free.”

Raul Espinoza, Texas strategic director for The LIBRE Initiative, issued the following statement:


“Despite what some may want us to believe, most Americans – including those in the Hispanic community – want a secure border and an orderly immigration process.


“President Biden’s border visit is meaningless unless strong and decisive action follows. What all Americans – especially those living in border states and border communities – need is an end to an open border devoid of any meaningful semblance of the rule of law. Instead of resorting to partisanship, President Biden should work with lawmakers from both sides to take immediate action to end the chaos, disorder, and human tragedy that has come to characterize our U.S.-Mexico border.”