Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Americans for Prosperity-Texas Issues Statement on Vice President Harris’ Visit to Dallas

Jul 10, 2024 by AFP

DALLAS, TX – As Vice President Kamala Harris visits Dallas today, Americans for Prosperity-Texas (AFP-TX) is calling out the Biden-Harris administration’s failure to secure the border and keep Texans safe from the resulting crime and chaos.

AFP-TX State Director, Genevieve Collins, gave the following statement: 

“While we’re glad that Vice President Harris is visiting our great city, it’s unfortunate that she decided not to visit anywhere near Texas’ border with Mexico to see the illegal immigration crisis firsthand – a crisis she was assigned to handle as ‘border czar.’

“The border is in complete disarray thanks to the administration’s total disregard for the issue, failure to enforce points of entry, and give border patrol agents the resources they need to maintain law and order. As a result, millions of illegal immigrants have slipped through the border since Biden and Harris took office. 

“This isn’t just a Texas problem – it’s an American problem. If Harris wants to address the issue, she’s welcome to come with us to visit the border and see this catastrophe for herself.” 


AFP recently launched a seven-figure advertising campaign “Secure Borders, Secure America” to connect Americans to the importance of border security to end the crisis on the southern border and address systemic flaws in our nation’s immigration system.