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Americans for Prosperity Responds to Senate Committee’s Opposition to Freelance Cosmetology Bill

Mar 24, 2021 by AFP

BISMARCK, ND—Americans for Prosperity-North Dakota (AFP-ND) today released a statement following the Senate Business Industry and Labor Committee’s opposition to a bill meant to empower freelance estheticians to work in North Dakota, as they have the flexibility to do in neighboring states such as Minnesota.

AFP-ND State Director Michael Fedorchak issued the following statement:

“Freelance cosmeticians deserve to support their business in North Dakota just as much as they can in Minnesota and our other neighbors. By imposing restrictions on these individuals, we’re hurting our communities and driving talented people elsewhere. Everyday, there are friends and family members, as well as professional stylists, providing these services without putting their health at risk – why shouldn’t freelance stylists be able to do the same? The rules that private businesses put in place are their own, but we as a state should be encouraging individuals to pursue their passions, not stifling them with onerous regulation.”