Americans for Prosperity North Carolina Issues Statement After President’s Visit

Apr 14, 2022 by AFP

Biden’s Visit to Greensboro a Missed Opportunity to Address Root Causes of Inflation

Greensboro, North Carolina—Today President Biden addressed students and North Carolinians during a visit to North Carolina A&T University.

He used portions of his address to take credit for North Carolina’s strong economy and also pointed to his administration’s plan to tackle inflation, which sits at a 40-year high.

Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina State Director Chris McCoy gave the following statement after the President’s address:

“While I applaud the President for finally acknowledging that inflation is hurting low and middle-income North Carolinians, his agenda will only make this economic crisis worse. Inflation is an invisible tax that stems from Washington spending too much money and saddling Americans with mountains of regulations. If the President is serious about reducing the stress inflation is putting on fixed-income Americans, he will stop proposing trillion-dollar spending packages, remove barriers to domestic energy production, and cut harmful regulations that are hamstringing supply chains.

“North Carolinians aren’t fooled by scapegoating and claims that more spending will reduce inflation What they need is financial relief that can only happen by unleashing energy abundance, ending Washington waste, and removing needless red tape.”