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Americans for Prosperity – Nevada Issues Statement on Vice President Harris’ Visit to Las Vegas

Mar 9, 2024 by AFP

CARSON CITY, NV – Ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Las Vegas this weekend, Americans for Prosperity – Nevada (AFP-NV) is calling out the failed policies of “Bidenomics” and urging the Biden Administration to instead prioritize policies that will help Nevada families.

AFP-NV State Director Ronnie Najarro released the following statement:

“As Vice President Kamala Harris is planning a victory tour after President Biden’s State of the Union address and touting ‘Bidenomics,’ the sad reality is that the Biden-Harris Administration’s failed agenda has devastated Nevadans. Simply put, ‘Bidenomics’ is bad economics.”

“We have a simple message for Vice President Harris when she visits our state: We cannot afford ‘Bidenomics.’ Instead of doubling down on these failed policies, it’s time to advance a policy agenda that brings down the cost of living and creates economic opportunities for hardworking families.”


AFP-NV has been a leader in addressing how “Bidenomics” has impacted the state. Last month, AFP-NV highlighted these failures with the average household in Nevada having to pay an extra $12,859 per year to afford basic necessities.