Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Americans for Prosperity – MN Launches ‘One Expensive Minnesota’ Campaign Targeting the DFL’s Wasteful Spending

Jan 18, 2024 by AFP

SAINT PAUL, MN – Today, Americans for Prosperity – Minnesota (AFP-MN), launched a statewide advertising campaign to hold state Democrats accountable for their wasteful and unsustainable spending ahead of the 2024 state legislative session beginning in February. 

The “One Expensive Minnesota” campaign, named after the “One Minnesota Budget” signed by Governor Tim Walz last year, will consist of over $62,257.75 in digital and print advertising, direct mail, and social media promotions highlighting the rampant overspending by Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) trifecta in the state government. Advertisements will urge lawmakers to support policies that promote freedom, prosperity, and sound budgeting.

AFP-MN also unveiled the campaign’s online petition where voters can write directly to lawmakers to express their disappointment at “the legislature’s decision to fill state coffers and take more out of my pocket.” 

AFP-MN State Director Jacob Coleman issued the following statement: 

“Democrats need to be held accountable for their incredibly irresponsible budget that digs deeper into the pockets of Minnesotans who are already hurting from inflation and high costs of living. Rather than easing the pressure on taxpayers and returning the surplus, Democrats recklessly blew through $17.5 billion, raised taxes and fees across the board, and put us on track for a deficit – making for an entirely tone-deaf legislative agenda. The consequence of a DFL trifecta is One Expensive Minnesota.”


Governor Tim Walz signed the One Minnesota Budget into law in May 2023, that ballooned the state budget from $52 billion to $72 billion and eliminated a $17.5 billion budget surplus.

In December 2023, the Minnesota legislature missed an IRS filing deadline that made Minnesotans’ one-time tax rebate checks subject to federal taxes.