Americans for Prosperity—Missouri Endorses Candidates for the Missouri Senate

Jul 6, 2022 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO) today announced the group’s endorsement of three candidates seeking election to the Missouri State Senate: Rep. J. Eggleston of Maysville (SD-12), Rep. Curtis Trent of Springfield (SD-20), and Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman of Arnold (SD-22).


These candidates received AFP-MO’s endorsement because of their commitment to supporting policies that get state government out of the way of hardworking Missourians seeking to build businesses, improve their communities, and give their families opportunities to grow and prosper.


The organization will use its grassroots network of volunteers to educate voters about the candidates and generate support for their elections in November.


AFP-MO State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:


“We support these candidates because they understand that breaking down government barriers to success is critical to a strong Missouri economy, business and job growth, and opportunities for Missourians to succeed. Americans for Prosperity-Missouri will help them move from the State House to the State Senate, where they will continue their work to advance sound policies that get government out of the way.”




State Rep. J. Eggleston (Senate District-12)

In the State House, Rep. Eggleston has been a champion of hardworking taxpayers through his support of responsible tax policies, such as a reduction in the state income taxes and opposition to gas tax increases. He will continue his support for taxpayers in the State Senate. Rep. Eggleston will also continue to support policies that increase personal health care options through short-term health care plans and telemedicine, and by opposing Medicaid expansion that would limit health care access for the people Medicaid was designed to assist.


State Rep. Curtis Trent (Senate District-20)

Rep. Curtis Trent has been an advocate of policies that increase educational opportunities for Missouri families, such as education savings accounts and charter schools, so parents can select education options that best meet the needs of their children. He also supported commonsense policies involving our justice system, including civil asset forfeiture reform and changes to occupational licensing laws that make re-entry more difficult. Rep. Trent also opposed policies that benefit the well-connected over everyday Missourians, such as opposing taxpayer subsidies to sports leagues and franchise owners.


State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (Senate District-22)

Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman has worked hard in the State House to protect hard-earned taxpayer dollars. She was the primary sponsor of legislation to repeal state sales taxes on food items, fought against gas tax increases, and voted to reduce state income taxes. She worked to get government out of the way by supporting the freedom to sell alcoholic beverages, “to-go” alcohol, and cottage food sales over the internet.