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Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi Applauds Introduction of HB 1449, Urges Action on Education Freedom

Feb 22, 2024 by AFP

JACKSON, MS – After the introduction of HB1449, the Mississippi Student Freedom Act, this week, Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi (AFP-MS) is applauding the legislation and urging passage of the bill which would establish Magnolia Scholarship Accounts for certain eligible students.

According to recent polling by yes. every kid foundation., nearly 80% of voters across Mississippi support school choice and universal Education Savings Accounts (ESAs).

AFP-MS State Director Starla Brown released the following statement:

“No student should have their educational opportunities limited by their zip code or unique learning needs. We’re thankful for Representative Rob Roberson’s leadership and introducing this important bill to ensure that Mississippi families have the freedom to choose an education that works best for them. 

“AFP-MS will use its grassroots base to call on legislators to support this bill as we look forward to Mississippi becoming a place that empowers parents and better serve students.” 


HB 1449 establishes Magnolia Scholarship Accounts for parents of eligible students on a phased–in basis. Additionally, starting in 2026 it requires a biannual report to evaluate the sufficiency of funding and student performance.

AFP-MS has been a leader in calling for education reform this year. Earlier this month, AFP-MS hosted a Day at the Capitol with over 100 grassroots activists calling for transformation of the education landscape. In January, AFP-MS called for lawmakers to make education reform a priority in the 2024 Regular Session.