Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana Urges Sen. Cassidy to Reconsider Misguided & Fiscally Irresponsible Bailout Legislation 

May 1, 2020 by AFP

BATON ROUGE, LA – Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana (AFP-LA) today issued a statement in response to Louisiana’s senior Senator Bill Cassidy and his plans to introduce legislation that will divert federal funds to bail out state and local governments. AFP-LA’s activists across the Pelican state will continue to urge Sen. Cassidy to reconsider introducing this misguided legislation that will most certainly favor special interests over those most in need.

AFP-LA Interim State Director James Lee issued the follow statement:

“Sen. Cassidy’s misguided proposal will force Louisianans to bailout states that have mismanaged their books for decades and will most certainly include giveaways for special interests over helping those most in need.  While Louisianans must live within their means – even during times of crisis—politicians should be expected to do the same by prioritizing spending instead of asking Washington for taxpayer-funded handouts. Our activists across all of Louisiana’s parishes urge Senator Cassidy to reconsider his potentially catastrophic legislation.”


Following a letter to Congress, the grassroots group recently announced that it would mobilize activists against massive state bailouts by running a significant national campaign that includes digital ads directing activists to a petition for them to sign.

AFP believes the path to economic recovery — across all of the United States and at the federal level– is to enact reforms that empower every person to contribute to the economy by:

  • Challenging special interest politics and ending corporate welfare — bailout culture, subsidies, tax loopholes, etc. — so that success is based on contributing to the lives of others.
  • Reforming or removing regulations that protect politically connected firms to lower the costs of health care, housing, and core services.
  • Removing barriers to fulfilling work– such as reforming occupational licensing– to help families build a strong financial future.
  • Removing barriers to innovation, to open new opportunities to create breakthroughs that radically improve our lives.
  • Positioning government to play its vital role in the economy by securing equal rights: Ensuring equal treatment under the law, which is essential for long-term progress.

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