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Americans for Prosperity–Kansas Says Failure to Override Governor Kelly’s Tax Veto is Missed Opportunity for Taxpayers

Feb 20, 2024 by AFP

TOPEKA, KS—Today, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) said that the legislature missed an opportunity to implement systemic tax reform by overriding Governor Laura Kelly’s veto of HB 2284.

AFP-KS recently found through polling that this plan to deliver taxpayers economic relief by simplifying the state’s tax code through a single-rate was favored by nearly 60% of Kansans.

AFP-KS State Director, Elizabeth Patton, issued the following statement: 

“We are deeply disappointed as the legislature falls short in overriding Governor Kelly’s veto on HB 2284 – a missed opportunity to implement a much-needed single-rate tax system for Kansas. It’s regrettable that this critical step toward returning the state’s $3 billion budget surplus to hardworking Kansans did not come to fruition.

“The legislature’s failure to override Governor Kelly’s veto is disheartening, particularly considering the pay raise she gave herself, yet withheld from Kansas families. Governor Kelly’s decision not to support a bill that aimed to simplify our tax structure, restore job growth, and accelerate income growth raises concerns about her commitment to prospering the hardworking citizens of Kansas. However, this is but a mere setback. Americans for Prosperity-Kansas will not back down from advocating for policies that prioritize economic prosperity for all Kansans and will persist in urging our leaders to prioritize fiscal responsibility.”