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Americans for Prosperity-Indiana Announces 2022 State Legislative Endorsements

Feb 22, 2022 by AFP

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Americans for Prosperity-Indiana (AFP-IN) today announced its support for several state legislative candidates running in Indiana’s 2022 primary election. The following candidates earned the support of AFP-IN for their dedication to principled policy solutions and support of economic progress, expanded educational opportunities, and health care reform: Rep. Martin Carbaugh (HD-81), Rep. Dale DeVon (HD-05), Speaker Todd Huston (HD-37), Rep. Doug Miller (HD-48), Rep. Jake Teshka (HD-07), Craig Haggard (HD-57), Betsy Mills (HD-54), Kyle Pierce (HD-36), Sen. Mike Gaskill (SD-25), Scott Alexander (SD-26), and Alex Choi (SD-29).

AFP-IN will leverage a wide range of tactics including its signature grassroots mobilization to contact voters ahead of the May 3rd primaries. The group will continue to evaluate additional candidates that show leadership in passing meaningful policy reforms which will be announced in the coming weeks.

AFP-IN State Director Josh Webb issued the following statement:

“The Hoosier State needs leaders who will put forward transformational legislation to help make Indiana the best place to live, work, and raise a family. We are proud to stand behind these individuals who will put people over politics by supporting commonsense policy reforms that will rein in spending, expand educational opportunities for our students, and provide a personal option for health care that families can afford. AFP-IN activists are ready to hit the ground running to help elect and reelect these candidates to office.”

Rep. Martin Carbaugh (HD-81):

As a member of the Education Committee, Rep. Martin Carbaugh has been a staunch advocate for expanding educational opportunities, so all of Indiana’s students have the chance to learn and succeed. Carbaugh has also championed labor reforms, fighting to eliminate unnecessary occupational licensing restrictions and barriers that prevented people from living their American Dream.

Rep. Dale DeVon (HD-05):

Rep. Dale Devon previously served as the Assistant Majority Whip and used his leadership position to help advance education reforms to help empower students and families to pursue the education that’s best for them. DeVon has also led on criminal justice reform and will continue to advocate for a system that is smarter on crime and softer on taxpayers.

Speaker Todd Huston (HD-37):

As Speaker of the House, Rep. Todd Huston has a strong track record of leading on key issues. Huston has championed economic opportunity for all Hoosiers, fighting to rein in government spending and reduce red tape to make it easier for businesses to thrive and create jobs.

Rep. Doug Miller (HD-48):

As chair of the Government and Regulatory Reform Committee, Rep. Doug Miller understands the importance of removing excessive regulations on families and businesses. Miller has consistently fought to lower taxes and reduce red tape to make it easier for all Hoosiers to earn a living.

Rep. Jake Teshka (HD-07):

Rep. Jake Teshka has a proven track record of working with anyone to do good and will continue to champion and strong fiscal policies that help Hoosiers keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. Rep. Teshka also understands the importance of education and has fought tirelessly to expand opportunities for Indiana students.

Craig Haggard (HD-57):

As a military veteran, Craig Haggard isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in and lead. Haggard is a strong supporter of tax reform that would more money back into the pockets of hardworking Hoosiers and supports expanding educational opportunities for all students, regardless of family income or ZIP code.

Betsy Mills (HD-54):

As a Henry County Council member, Betsy Mills knows the importance of a fiscally responsible and balanced budget. In office, Mills will fight to eliminate wasteful government spending and burdensome red tape. Mills also supports expanded educational opportunities, empower students and families to pursue the education that best suits their needs.

Kyle Pierce (HD-36):

Kyle Pierce has been a dedicated advocate in the community and will be a champion to Hoosier taxpayers in office. Pierce will fight burdensome regulations and taxes that stifle innovation and advancement.  He’ll also support education policies that expand options and prioritizes students and families.

Sen. Mike Gaskill (SD-25):

In just his first term in office, Sen. Mike Gaskill has already taken strong stances to help improve the lives of all Hoosiers. As Ranking Member of the Financial Institutions Committee, Gaskill has consistently fought for real tax reform that puts money back into the pockets of hardworking families and supports cutting burdensome red tape that hurts Indiana’s economy.

Scott Alexander (SD-26):

Scott Alexander is a proven leader on tax and spending issues. During his time as president of Delaware County Council, Alexander took action on critical policy matters by opposing tax increases and leading the way on major spending reductions. In office, Alexander will also fight to expand educational opportunities for all Indiana students.

Alex Choi (SD-29):

As a medical physician, Dr. Alex Choi knows firsthand the need to reform our health care system. In office, Dr. Choi will advocate to enact a personal option in addition to fighting to cut burdensome red tape that prevents people from accessing quality, affordable health care.