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Americans for Prosperity – Indiana Announces 13 Legislative Endorsements for 2024 Primary Election

Mar 26, 2024 by AFP

Indianapolis, IN— Today, Americans for Prosperity-Indiana (AFP-IN) announced endorsements for four Indiana Senate candidates and nine Indiana House of Representatives candidates for the primary elections on May 7, 2024.

AFP-IN State Director Josh Webb released the following statement:

“With the primary around the corner, we are engaging with residents and making the case for the General Assembly candidates who will deliver for hard-working Hoosiers. Our support is carefully placed behind principled leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to making our state a freer and more prosperous place where families can succeed.

“We plan to put the full weight of our grassroots efforts behind each of our policy champions. Their voices are needed for Hoosiers at a time when inflation is at its highest, and we are confident that they will be a great addition to the General Assembly.”

AFP-IN Endorsed Candidates:

SD 07 State Sen. Brian Buchanan
As lead sponsor of the Indiana Education Scholarship Program bill, Sen. Buchanan stands out for his policy leadership on education issues. He is a strong supporter of regulatory reform and health care reform.

SD 08 Joe Layne
A businessman and Indiana native, Layne promises to work to shrink the power of agencies and is a strong supporter of school choice.

SD 16 State Sen. Justin Busch
Sen. Busch is a member of the Health Care Committee and has partnered with AFP-IN on multiple key health care reforms. He has worked on aligned labor issues, particularly occupational licensing and paycheck protection reforms.

SD 24 Brett Clark
With experience as an elected Sheriff, Clark is a community leader who promises to support ESAs and other vital education policy reforms.

HD 07 State Rep. Jake Teshka
During his time in office, Rep. Teshka has demonstrated strong leadership and positive impact on many AFP-IN aligned issues. He is focused on per-pupil spending and universal ESAs for education reform, and he is also a valuable member of policy coalitions and focuses on spending and budget policy matters.

HD 24 Hunter Smith
A former punter for the Indianapolis Colts, and a small agribusiness owner, Smith will be a key policy partner on energy and environment issues. He has a keen understanding of regulatory reform, believing in free market versus top-down government control of the economy.

HD 49 State Rep. Joanna King
Rep. King serves as the state legislature’s assistant majority floor leader and is recognized for her regulatory reform policy leadership. She has sponsored and voted to support multiple AFP-IN aligned bills aimed at reforming rulemaking and regulatory policy, expanding education opportunities, and rectifying the state budget.

HD 51 Tony Isa
As a small business owner and community leader, Isa promises to take action on limiting government involvement, prioritizing public safety, and reforming education.

HD 52 State Rep. Ben Smaltz
A trusted leader on economic-focused issues, Rep. Smaltz is aligned on tax reform, regulatory process reform, and spending.

HD 53 Kevin Mandrell
As a native Hoosier, Mandrell is well-positioned to be a key advocate for many issues, including vital health care reforms and universal ESAs. He promises to lower tax rates and reduce regulations.

HD 66 State Rep. Zach Payne
Rep. Payne has excellent leadership on several issues, including taxes, foundational education, and public safety. He is the lead sponsor of bills to reduce and eliminate individual income taxes, he sponsored ESA bills in 2023 and 2024, and he cosponsored the Law Enforcement Officers bill in 2021.

HD 71 Scott Hawkins
A public-school teacher, Hawkins strongly supports expanding educational opportunities, including universal ESAs. He promises to oppose tax and spending increases, and he is aligned on regulatory reform.

HD 81 State Rep. Martin Carbaugh
Rep. Carbaugh continues to be a key leader on education reforms, and he is instrumental in pushing back against unaligned labor policies and leading key occupational licensing reforms.