Americans For Prosperity – Illinois launches new campaign challenging misleading information on Illinois finances: “Only in Illinois”

Jan 27, 2022 by AFP

Rolling Meadows, IL – Americans For Prosperity – Illinois (AFP-IL) launched a new digital campaign today highlighting the audacity of the misinformation campaign being touted by elected officials on the state of Illinois’s finances.

The campaign, “Only in Illinois” highlights the reality of our state’s financial mess, and draws attention to the inaccurate portrayal of the state of our state’s finances.

  • Only in Illinois, do politicians celebrate our worst-in-nation state bond rating.
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians tout protecting the taxpayers while having the highest state and local tax burden in the nation.
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians rejoice in paying off an emergency federal loan when we were the only state who needed it.
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians claim they are protecting taxpayers after raising taxes and fees 24 times in 3 years.
  • Only in Illinois, do the same politicians who hiked a trailer fee by $100/year, reduce it by $82/year then tout about the “savings” to taxpayers.
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians claim eliminating an education tax credit scholarship program for low-income kids, is a corporate tax loophole.
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians claim they’ve “balanced the budget” every year when it hasn’t been balanced since 2001.
  • Only in Illinois, does it take a once-in-a-century pandemic and massive federal bailouts to finally balance the budget.
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians tout pension reforms when we have the worst-funded pensions in the nation.
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians close corporate loopholes but not the ones they personally benefit from (Angel Investment Tax Credit)
  • Only in Illinois, do politicians ask for over $44 billion in federal bailouts.
  • Only in Illinois, do 88 legislators join a Property Tax Task Force and it results in zero enacted bills to reduce property taxes.
  • Only in Illinois, there are over 7,000 units of local government 1,800+ more than any other state.
  • Only in Illinois, does corruption cost Illinoisans $556 million per year
  • Only in Illinois, does 28.5 percent of the state budget go to pensions and the only recently passed pension reform makes the situation worse.

AFP-IL’s campaign is focused on telling Illinois voters the truth about the state’s finances. Learn more at