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Americans For Prosperity – Illinois Highlights President Biden Visit by Rolling Back the Price of Gas

May 10, 2022 by AFP

Kankakee, IL – Americans For Prosperity – Illinois (AFP-IL) is rolling back the prices of gas in Kankakee tomorrow to welcome President Biden to Illinois. Illinoisans are being crushed right now by the inflation caused by mountains of regulations and years of reckless spending from both parties. Washington’s plan to stop the pain? More spending and more red tape. That won’t fix the problem – it will make the inflation we’re experiencing even worse.

The average American household will spend $1,433 more on gas this year due to the price increases. AFP-IL will be rolling back prices to $2.38 per gallon, the price of gas the day President Biden took office.

“Illinois families are struggling to make ends meet and the policies out of Washington, combined with Governor Pritzker’s more than doubled state gas taxes, will only make it more difficult,” said AFP-IL State Director Jason Heffley. “Out-of-control government spending and burdensome regulations are primarily fueling the higher costs we’re all experiencing. It’s time we remove antiquated barriers to innovation, end wasteful spending, and unleash an economy where everyone is empowered to achieve the American Dream.”