Americans for Prosperity – Georgia Issues Statement on Georgia’s Film Tax Credit

Dec 15, 2023 by AFP


ATLANTA, GA – Following the report for the Department of Audits and Accounts on Georgia’s Film Tax Credit showing the state loses 81 cents for every dollar spent on this tax credit, Americans for Prosperity – Georgia (AFP-GA) is calling on lawmakers to eliminate this special interest, corporate welfare handout.

AFP-GA State Director Tony West released the following statement:

“This report highlighting the negative impact of the Film Tax Credit brings into focus the need for Georgia to get serious about tax policy reform. A simple, fair, and predictable tax code has the potential to unleash growth and innovation so all Georgians have the opportunity to Reignite their American Dream. Corporate welfare and special interest handouts that create a two-tiered tax system should be eliminated.

“We’re optimistic the Joint Tax Credit Review Panel will provide solutions that the legislature can adopt so that taxpayers will not continue to be fleeced by special interest tax giveaways that do not improve the lives of Georgians.”


In October, Tony West provided testimony at an Joint Tax Credit Review Panel meeting highlighting the negative impacts of Georgia’s Film Tax Credit. Those comments can be found here.