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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Americans for Prosperity Commends Governor Sarah Sanders on Leading Nation With Her Arkansas LEARNS Plan

Feb 9, 2023 by AFP

LITTLE ROCK, AR – AFP- AR State Director Ryan Norris released the following statement in support of Gov. Sanders’ transformational education plan:

“Freedom is actualized when people are empowered to make decisions, not when decisions are made for them. We trust parents and support Governor Sanders’ plan to empower families to be the drivers when it comes to education for their children. We thank Governor  Sanders for making Arkansas a national leader empowering families and look forward to working with her to make educational freedom a reality for every single student in Arkansas.

“Americans for Prosperity believes the purpose of education is to help students discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities. Every student must have access to an education that unleashes their extraordinary potential – regardless of their family income or ZIP code. The plan revealed by Governor Sanders will give families and students the tools they need to create  an educational experience that serves their specific needs.”