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AFP-WI Statement in Support of Wisconsin Legislature Lawsuit 

Apr 22, 2020 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin (AFP-WI) State Director Eric Bott issued the following statement in support of the lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin Legislature yesterday:

“We support this lawsuit brought by the legislature that will protect constitutional separation of powers and require the Governor’s Administration to follow the law as it is written. The administrative rulemaking process includes legislative oversight for a reason – no single bureaucrat should be able to circumvent that oversight and upend our economy unilaterally.

“We also commend the restraint shown by the legislature in seeking a stay of the ruling, should they prove successful before the court, to give Governor Evers the opportunity to propose his plan lawfully. This lawsuit will ensure that all necessary parties have a seat at the table in making decisions about our state’s public health and economy.

“Protecting the public health is of utmost importance to us all, but we must recognize potential economic consequences. We need to engage health experts, the business community, and all branches of government to develop a bottom-up solution that will keep us safe while also minimizing economic harm for Wisconsinites. No single person can or should be developing policies on their own that threaten to upend our lives and economy indefinitely.  This lawsuit is a needed step in ensuring a collaborative, bottom-up solution.

“AFP-WI will continue to work to find common ground and responsible solutions to protect the public health and people’s livelihoods.”

Additional Background:

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