AFP-VA Highlights Legislative Wins, Upcoming Challenges as General Assembly Concludes   

Mar 15, 2024 by AFP

Richmond, VA – With the 2024 General Assembly coming to a conclusion, Americans for Prosperity-Virginia (AFP-VA) is highlighting eight bills their organization supports that passed both chambers and will become law. Additionally, AFP-VA is highlighting upcoming challenges, specifically a possible minimum wage hike and tax hikes in the proposed state budget.

C.J. Sailor, State Director for Americans for Prosperity-Virginia, released the following statement:  
“With inflation remaining a major obstacle for most Virginians, AFP-Virginia prioritized the economy during this year’s General Assembly and worked with legislators in both parties to pass several economic reform bills that passed both chambers and will become law. This doesn’t mean our work is over, however. We have several important challenges ahead of us. Proposals to raise taxes and increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour will jeopardize Virginia’s economic progress. We will continue educating policymakers and the public about the risks of these proposals so they don’t become law.”

Please see below for the eight bills AFP-VA supports that passed both chambers during the 2024 General Assembly and will hopefully now become law after the Governor signs them.

Transparency in Taxation — HB639 / SBSB677: This requires localities to provide notice by mail to property owners of certain information prior to adopting a tax rate that would increase the amount of real property tax collected. The bill requires the notice to include the dollar and percentage amount of increase that the proposed tax rate would levy on the owner’s particular property compared to the previous year’s tax levy.

Car Tax Flexibility Sunset — HB1502: Eliminates sunset allowing localities to lower property taxes.

Modular Nuclear Energy Recovery — HB1491: This bill cuts red tape for a utility to propose a development plan for constructing a modular nuclear reactor for the State Corporation Commission to review.

Shot Clock – SB296: Requires a locality to act on a proposal within a set amount of time or the project is automatically approved. This ensures that local governments cannot stonewall proposals for housing by endlessly delaying its consideration.

Air BnB Protection Act – SB544: Prohibits localities from banning Air BnB property rentals.

Universal Teacher Licensure Recognition: HB632 / SB352: This bill created a universal licensure recognition for teachers from outside the commonwealth to get their license recognized in Virginia to teach.

Nurse Practitioner Autonomous Practice HB 983: This bill lowers from five years to three years the amount of full-time clinical experience required before an advanced practice registered nurse may practice without a practice agreement.

Foreign Medical Professional Temporary Licensure HB995: Permits the Board of Medicine to issue a provisional license to a physician licensed in a foreign country for no more than two years, then a subsequent renewable two year license if the physician practices in a medically underserved area. After two years of practice under the renewable license, a physician licensed in a foreign country is eligible to apply for a full, unrestricted license to practice medicine.