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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP Urges Congress to Reject Misguided AI and Elections Legislation

May 15, 2024 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Today, policy experts with Americans for Prosperity submitted written testimony prior to a U.S. Senate Rules Committee hearing on legislation that would crack down on the use of AI in political campaign materials.

In their testimony, AFP’s James Czerniawski and Scott Blackburn pointed out deep flaws within the proposed measures, S. 2770, S. 3875, and S. 3897. Czerniawski and Blackburn explained that the legislation “will significantly chill core political speech and will likely stifle new advances in AI and other innovative technologies overall.”

“These proposals represent a classic case of a solution in search of a problem and, as such, we urge you to not move them out of committee for further consideration by the upper chamber,” the pair wrote.

Click here to read the full testimony.

In a separate statement, Czerniawski elaborated on the bills.

“We share the goal of having fair and secure elections, but these proposals would stifle the development of beneficial AI technologies and curtail individuals’ free speech rights. We’re Americans – we can figure out a way to preserve the integrity of our elections without discouraging the growth of new technologies in the process. Instead of suffocating AI, Congress should work to harness its potential.”

To learn more, read the following blog post by AFP’s Megan Bailey and Andrew Korst: No, we don’t need a new federal law to address AI and elections.

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