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AFP-IN Thanks Senator Delph for Putting Brakes on Light Rail

Mar 5, 2018 by AFP

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Americans for Prosperity-Indiana (AFP-IN) on Monday applauded Senator Mike Delph for derailing House Bill 1080, which would have lifted a state ban on light rail projects and had been approved by committees in both chambers. HB 1080 was pulled from consideration after Sen. Delph introduced an amendment to the bill that would have required Indianapolis officials to prove that public transit money wouldn’t be needed for road repairs.

“Light rail projects are one way tickets to higher taxes and this proposal would have been no different. Hoosiers don’t want to pay for an infrastructure boondoggle while our officials already have difficulty maintaining our existing infrastructure,” said AFP-IN State Director Justin Stevens. “Instead of focusing on inefficient light rail, central Indiana should work to fix our dilapidated roads. We thank Senator Mike Delph for introducing this amendment and ensuring our taxpayer dollars are spent more efficiently.”

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