AFP-Tennessee Releases 2024 Legislative Agenda

Jan 9, 2024 by AFP

NASHVILLE, TN—Ahead of the start of Tennessee’s Legislative Session today, Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee (AFP-TN) released their 2024 Reignite the American Dream Legislative Agenda. Coming off several crucial policy victories last year, the agenda reflects the key reforms necessary to help Tennessee expand freedom and opportunity in education, healthcare, taxes, and transparency. 

AFP-TN State Director Tori Venable released the following statement: 

“For several years, AFP-Tennessee has fought to create and pass legislation that is paving the way for universal school choice. In 2024, we look forward to helping every parent, student, and teacher access the school choice program proposed by Governor Lee. This is the bedrock to ensuring future generations have the ability to self-actualize, which will reignite the American Dream across our great state. 

“We know that when big government gets out of the way, Tennesseans can overcome and meet any challenge. We will focus our efforts to ban state-wide property taxes and advocate for responsible government spending, while also concentrating on transparency in the House to restore faith in our public institutions. We look forward to partnering with lawmakers to continue advancing key reforms and keep the American Dream alive across Tennessee.”

AFP-TN Top Agenda Items:  

  1. Implement universal school choice 
  2. Repeal certificate of need 
  3. Ban state-wide property taxes 
  4. Administer transparency in the House

View AFP-Tenessee’s 2024 Legislative Agenda here.  

View AFP-Tenessee’s vision to Reignite the American Dream with Univeral School Choice here.