Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP Statement on Safely Reopening the Economy and Getting People Back to Work

Apr 21, 2020 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) CEO Emily Seidel issued the following statement in light of recent demonstrations related to business shutdowns:

“We recognize the incredible hardship these shutdowns are creating for people, and the frustration expressed by protestors is real, their voice is important, and they have a constitutional right to protest.  The question is – what is the best way to get people back to work?  We don’t see protests as the best way to do that. Instead, we are working directly with policymakers to bring business leaders and public health officials together to help develop standards to safely reopen the economy without jeopardizing public health. The choice between full shutdown and immediately opening everything is a false choice.

“In navigating this crisis, civil liberties must remain foundational and any restrictions to protect public health should be tailored as narrowly as possible and be explicitly temporary.

“AFP will continue to work to find common ground and unify people around sensible and responsible solutions.”

Additional Background:

AFP’s partner organization, Stand Together, has published an online interactive resource to help compile best practices for businesses and policymakers to keep people safe. Stand Together, along with the Family Independence Initiative, have raised over $30 million dollars to help more than 61,000 families. More on that here and here.

Click here to read more about how AFP believes businesses can best serve the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

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