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AFP Praises Clean Power Plan Repeal

Oct 9, 2017 by AFP

Grassroots organization has opposed CPP for years

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity commended EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt today following his announcement that he will sign a proposed rule to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP) Tuesday.  The group has long fought to protect Americans’ access to affordable, reliable energy, opposing harmful regulations like the CPP that force dramatically higher costs on American households. 

Under this job-killing Obama-era energy rule, states would be pushed into draconian emissions cuts, forced to switch to costlier forms of energy which could ultimately cost consumers as much as $33 billion. AFP has consistently opposed harmful regulations like the CPP which would drive up energy costs for hard-working families, crush small businesses and expand federal powers with virtually no environmental benefit.

Americans for Prosperity had previously invested in grassroots efforts to oppose the Clean Power Plan and supported legal efforts from state attorneys general to halt its implementation. The group also recently issued a statement of support for Scott Pruitt’s nomination to the EPA after he had been a leader in opposing the policy.

AFP Vice President of External Affairs Chrissy Harbin had the following to say:

“This is a welcome departure from the Washington-first, Americans-last approach that characterized energy and environmental policy under the previous administration. The Clean Power Plan (CPP) was an overreach of executive power; President Obama’s attempt to implement an agenda so radical that he could not get it passed through Congress when his party controlled both chambers. It’s great to see President Trump and EPA Administrator Pruitt rein in this sweeping mandate that forces states to slash their carbon emissions and switch to costlier forms of energy. 

We are encouraged to see such decisive action by the Trump administration to offer relief from this legally dubious, drastic rule that posed such a significant threat to electricity prices and economic growth. This is a major promise kept by the Trump administration. Repealing the Clean Power Plan will restore these energy decisions to duly elected state officials, and Americans who need reliable energy to run their households and businesses. We look forward to continuing to work with policymakers in seeking policies that promote economic growth and protect Americans’ access to affordable and reliable energy solutions.”

The grassroots group has made unwinding overregulation a centerpiece of their Reform America 2017 agenda, a set of legislative priorities that the group will advocate for this year.

For comprehensive information about AFP’s steps to get Americans relief from overburdensome regulations in the energy sector and beyond, or for an interview, contact Chris Neefus at


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