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AFP Podcast ‘American Potential’ Releases New Interview Featuring Kansas Microbrewer Sean Willcott, Highlights Challenges of State Distribution Laws

Mar 22, 2024 by AFP

TOPEKA, KS—On the newest episode of the American Potential Podcast, Jeff Crank interviews Sean Willcott, of Willcott Brewing Co., to discuss his leap from engineering to establishing a beloved craft brewery, all while emphasizing entrepreneurship, community, and the craft of brewing. Willcott also discusses HB 2124, formerly SB 511, a bill currently before the Kansas legislature, which aims to strengthen Kansas’s micro-breweries by enabling direct sales between businesses.

Last month, Willcott joined Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) at a happy hour event in Topeka to advocate for the passage of HB 2124, which would significantly reduce regulatory barriers for micro-breweries and foster growth and economic opportunity. Local legislators and micro-brewery owners attended the happy hour to discuss the benefits of the bill.

During the interview, Willcott said:

“As the beer industry is shifting a little bit, the local craft brewers in the state are starting to get a little rough challenge to getting access to the markets. The current system today is really hindering our ability to represent our products out in the market.”

AFP-KS Deputy State Director, Jon Lueth, made the following statement:

“Kansas’ current laws prove to be a barrier to the success of microbrewers like Sean and many others. It’s time to modernize our law so that small businesses can compete fairly in the market and consumers can receive more options, not fewer due to outdated rules.”

CLICK HERE to watch the full interview on YouTube.