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AFP: Parents will Remember Tutoring Dollars Failure at Polls

Jun 7, 2022 by AFP

House vote highlights disconnect between democratic legislators, constituents

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan House of Representatives today voted against a bill that would have provided up to $1500 worth of tutoring and other academic assistance to students who fell behind during the pandemic.

The vote fell along party lines, with the majority of Republicans voting in support, and democrats voting against. The vote came despite strong bipartisan support among voters, including 87% of democrats.

Americans for Prosperity – Michigan state director Annie Patnaude had this to say: 

Michigan parents aren’t thinking about education as a partisan issue, but this vote shows that certain elected officials refuse to approach our kids’ future with the same openness.

Some students are as much as a year behind in their studies; they can’t make that up in the classroom. This plan would have allowed critical federal funding to flow directly to the kids who need it most. We lost an opportunity to support the future of our state today. Parents will remember this vote at the polls.

Background: Under HB 5859 sponsored by Representative Julie Alexander (R-Hanover) families would have been able to apply for a grant of up to $1500 per student. The money could be spent on tutoring, summer courses, and certain educational supplies. Students who live at or below the federal poverty line would have been given funding priority. AFP-MI previously launched a multimedia campaign in support of the bill and its Senate counterpart, SB 925 sponsored by Senator John Bizon (R-Battle Creek).