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AFP-PA Applauds Porter Nomination

Apr 10, 2018 by AFP

Harrisburg, Pa. – In light of the White House’s announcement of the twelfth wave of judicial nominees today, Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania is applauding the President’s continued focus on fixing our nation’s judicial crisis and is announcing the group’s support of David Porter of Pennsylvania for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Americans for Prosperity will run digital ads in support of Porter, urging AFP activists in Pennsylvania to contact their Senators in support of the highly-qualified nominee. Last year, Senator Bob Casey (D) failed to vote in support of Justice Neil Gorsuch and has demonstrated a history of putting partisan politics over the best needs of his constituents.

Porter has previously clerked for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and serves as an elected member of the American Law Institute.


Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania State Director Beth Anne Mumford issued the following statement:

“President Trump is addressing judicial vacancies with the urgency this crisis deserves. We applaud this administration for continuing to nominate fair, experienced nominees who will respect the rule of law and won’t seek to legislate from the bench.

“We are proud to put our grassroots support behind David Porter, who has proven a lifelong commitment to upholding our Constitution at a time when the American judiciary is overrun with judicial activism. We will continue to educate our Pennsylvania activists on the importance of a fully-functioning judiciary and urge them to mobilize in support of quality nominees for the lower courts.”

Today Americans for Prosperity also announced support of Paul Matey of New Jersey for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and Andrew Oldham of Texas, who was recently nominated for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the eleventh wave of nominees. The group will also run ads in support of Matey and Oldham in New Jersey and Texas respectively.

Earlier this year, Americans for Prosperity announced a scaled-up investment in judicial engagement which includes educating Americans for Prosperity activists on the importance of a fully-functioning judiciary, supporting fair and qualified lower courts nominees, and laying the grassroots groundwork for any upcoming Supreme Court vacancies. Americans for Prosperity has already announced support for Wisconsin’s Michael Brennan for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and is running ads urging Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) to do the right thing by voting to confirm him.

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