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AFP on Biden State of the Union: This Is Why Americans Are So Tired of Bidenomics

Mar 8, 2024 by AFP

Arlington, VAAmericans for Prosperity’s Vice President of Government Affairs Akash Chougule made the following statement after President Biden’s State of the Union address:

“The White House must be completely unaware of why President Biden has such an abysmal approval rating. What Americans heard from last night’s State of the Union was a breathtaking list of more spending, class warfare, and special interest giveaways that will worsen inflation – exactly why Americans are so tired of Bidenomics in the first place.

“In the past three years, Americans have seen our dreams and savings disappear before our eyes, our borders overtaken by cartels, fentanyl poisoning our children, and violent crime striking our communities. Last night, we didn’t hear accountability or answers – instead, we heard more of the same failed policies that continue to make life difficult for hardworking families by driving the worst inflation we’ve seen in a generation.

“We talk with Americans every single day and we know the runaway Bidenomics agenda could not be more disconnected from the realities families are facing. Most Americans do not feel better off because of Bidenomics. Most Americans do not believe our border is secure or that our country is safe. Most Americans do not believe the Biden administration is making us more energy secure and less reliant on foreign adversaries.

“Americans have seen what happened when President Biden and his allies in Congress flooded the economy with $5.5 trillion in new spending, tens of thousands of pages in costly new regulations, and billions in handouts to his political allies. The price of nearly every household item you can think of has skyrocketed. Now Biden is promising more of the same – a series of political giveaways attempting to keep voters addicted to the status quo.

“Americans deserve real policy solutions that will reduce inflation, secure the border, unlock energy abundance, and keep us safe. That’s why our grassroots teams will be out talking with individuals and families across the country to tell the truth about the Biden administration’s policies, hold lawmakers accountable, and offer a better vision for America’s future.”