AFP-NV Urges Senators Rosen and Cortez-Masto to Push for a Permanent Solution for Dreamers to End Shutdown

Jan 23, 2019 by AFP

AFP-NV Urges Senators Rosen and Cortez-Masto to Push for a Permanent Solution for Dreamers to End Shutdown

Las Vegas, Nev. –  As lawmakers in Washington continue discussions this week to end the government shutdown, Americans for Prosperity-Nevada is urging Senators Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez-Masto to work together toward a narrow solution that provides a permanent solution for Dreamers – rather than the short-term protections currently proposed. The Senate is currently schedule to vote on Thursday on the short-term proposal.

AFP-NV State Director Juan Martinez issued the following statement:

“Dreamers need certainty to be able to fully contribute to their families, communities, and country. While we’re encouraged lawmakers are working together to end the government shutdown by crafting a proposal that addresses Dreamers and provides border security, we caution Senators Rosen and Cortez-Masto against supporting any short-term fix. We think it’s critical that lawmakers develop a package that provides permanent legal status to Dreamers and funds border security.”

Last week, Americans for Prosperity released a joint letter to Congress and the president cautioning on a temporary Dreamer fix. Read that letter here.


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