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AFP-NJ: Legislature Takes Aim at First Amendment

Mar 25, 2019 by AFP

TRENTON, NJ — Today, the New Jersey legislature passed A-1524/S-1500, similar measures which limit civic engagement and undermine free speech for all New Jerseyans. Specifically, this measure, which Governor Murphy has indicated he will sign, requires nonprofit organizations to disclose the names and addresses of their donors, creates a broad definition for independent expenditures, and makes it more difficult for organizations to engage in issue advocacy that informs the public.

Americans for Prosperity state director, Erica Jedynak issued the following statement:

“We support the rights of all New Jerseyans to engage in the causes they believe in, and this legislation would make it harder. This is a sad day for civic advocacy and charitable giving across the political spectrum. The government should make it easier for citizens to participate in civic life, not harder. That means that all citizens should have the ability to exercise free speech without fear of retaliation. Lawmakers have asserted that this legislation will increase government transparency, and while we agree that government should be more transparent, this should not come at the cost of an individual’s privacy. We urge the Governor to closely examine the harmful impact this legislation would have on our democracy and reconsider.”

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