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AFP-NH Endorses Candidates in Key 2020 State Races

Jul 30, 2020 by AFP

Grassroots group endorses Governor Chris Sununu’s re-election, former Executive Councilor David Wheeler, six state legislative candidates

CONCORD, NH – Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) on Thursday announced its first round of political endorsements for the 2020 election. The endorsements include six candidates for the New Hampshire House of Representatives, former Executive Councilor David Wheeler, and Governor Chris Sununu as he seeks reelection. These candidates, if elected, will champion policies to protect prosperity for all Granite Staters, work to ensure no government barriers stand in the way of the American dream, and lead on solutions that tackle the state’s greatest challenges.

AFP-NH will use a range of tactics, including its signature grassroots efforts, to urge voters to support these candidates that will build broad-based policy coalitions to drive principled reforms.

AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore issued the following statement:

“Our state has shown that when we remove government barriers that are holding people back, we can increase opportunity and prosperity for every Granite Stater. We’re excited to back these candidates that have demonstrated leadership and are willing to help increase access to quality, affordable health care, educational opportunity, and ensure government lives within its means – as every Granite State family is forced to do. These individuals have a proven track record and helped lead the state to a thriving economy and vibrant expansion of liberty.

“Especially now, we need leaders who embody our state’s motto of ‘Live Free or Die’. These candidates helped make our state the leading beacon of growth and opportunity in the Northeast and will continue to lead the way. We will mobilize our activists in support of these candidates and educate Granite Staters on why they should send them to Concord.”

  • Governor Chris Sununu: Governor Sununu has been a champion on a number of policy priorities, including worker freedom, tax relief, educational opportunity, and occupational licensure reform. He has vetoed numerous pieces of legislation that would have added barriers to moving New Hampshire to a more open state that would allow people to reach their greatest potential.
  • David Wheeler (Executive Council – District 5): Executive Councilor Wheeler has been a staunch defender of free speech, ensuring Granite Staters can think, speak, and associate freely without government harassment. Wheeler has also been a consistent watchdog for taxpayers and for opposing corporate welfare that benefit the well-connected over hard-working Granite Staters. Wheeler received AFP’s 2018 Tom Thomson Defender of Liberty Award.
  • Hershel Nunez (Hillsborough-37): Rep. Nunez has been a policy champion during his time serving on the Labor Committee, where he led the fight on the floor for worker freedom. He also supported smart-on-crime, soft on taxpayers justice reform efforts.
  • Bob Greene (Hillsborough-37): Serving on the Finance Committee, Rep. Greene has led the fight against wasteful government spending. He has offered numerous efforts that would reduce expenditures and ensure government stays within its means.
  • Mike Sylvia (Belknap-6): Serving on the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Sylvia has led efforts on policing reform, including working to scale back the abuses of civil asset forfeiture, increasing public transparency and ending overcriminalization.
  • John Potucek (Rockingham-6): On the Commerce Committee, Rep. Potucek led efforts to reduce regulation and red tape, making it easier for small businesses to create jobs and thrive.
  • Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (Rockingham-6): Serving on the Election Law Committee. Rep. Prudhomme-O’Brien is a champion of free speech. Rep. Prudhomme-O’Brien also worked to expand voting opportunities for unadjudicated and non-felonious jailed residents.
  • David Binford (Grafton-15): Rep. David Binford has been a policy champion on government spending and helping keep more money in Granite Staters’ pockets. Rep. Binford helped ensure the state budget lowered employer taxes, worked to decrease energy costs, fought corporate welfare giveaways, and worked to provide able-bodied adults opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty.

This advertisement has been paid for by Americans for Prosperity, Greg Moore, Treasurer, 767 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH, and has not been authorized by a candidate