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AFP-NC Responds to New Civitas Institute Right to Work Poll

Feb 13, 2018 by AFP

RALEIGH, N.C. – Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina (AFP-NC) responded to a new poll by the Civitas Institute that found 64 percent of potential North Carolina voters favor a Right to Work constitutional amendment. AFP-NC, the state’s leading grassroots organization, has consistently advocated for Right to Work policies that expand worker freedom and opportunities for all North Carolinians.

“This poll clearly demonstrates the bipartisan appeal of Right to Work in the Tar Heel State. The results prove North Carolinians of all political ideologies recognize how Right to Work has helped transform our state into the economic powerhouse it is now,” said AFP-NC Deputy State Director Anna Beavon Gravely. “The era of Big Labor is over, and it’s clear that if the Senate chooses to act on House Bill 819, they will do so with the strong support of the people.”

The poll found support for this amendment across the political spectrum. Independents and Democrats were found to support a Right to Work constitutional amendment at a higher rate than Republicans – 67% and 65% respectively, compared to 61% support for Republicans.


Americans for Prosperity Applauds Legislation to Protect Right to Work in Constitution” (4/20/17)

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