AFP-NC: Biden-Cooper Agenda on Medicaid Preserves Broken Status Quo

Mar 2, 2023 by AFP

Raleigh, North Carolina—Today, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore and North Carolina Senate Leader Phil Berger announced they had come to an agreement on expanding Medicaid in North Carolina.

Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina (AFP-NC) opposes the proposal and issued the following statement shortly after the announcement was made public.

“After a decade of opposing mandates from Washington, lawmakers in Raleigh—with encouragement from Washington—abandoned innovative solutions in exchange for taxpayer handouts from DC,” said AFP-NC Deputy State Director Tyler Voigt.

“The Biden-Cooper agenda to expand a broken government health program means that North Carolinians will have to settle for the status quo. Studies have shown little benefit to other states that expanded Medicaid—but longer wait times for medical services, budget-busting cost increases, and no difference in health care outcomes.

“AFP-NC will remain steadfast in its opposition to Medicaid expansion and continue encouraging a Personal Option in health care that gives both providers and patients more control over their care —not the same tired and expensive “solutions” from Washington.

“Lawmakers voting on Medicaid expansion should note this vote will be scored on our annual score cards.”