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AFP: McKinley County Commissioners Leave Door Open to Right-to-Work

May 1, 2018 by AFP

Grassroots worker freedom group commends Commissioner Bill Lee for introducing right-to-work ordinance, remains encouraged by potential for progress in county effort to pass positive economic reforms

GALLUP, N.M. – Americans for Prosperity-New Mexico (AFP-NM) remains enthusiastic after McKinley County Commissioner Bill Lee brought forward an ordinance to implement right-to-work in the county. Commissioners listened to testimony and left the ordinance on the table to allow for passage at a later time. Passage would allow McKinley County to become the third county in New Mexico to pass right-to-work and expand workers’ rights. Sandoval and Otero counties passed similar right-to-work ordinances earlier this year. AFP-NM has been at the forefront of the push for right-to-work policies in the state, having launched in 2017 the “New Jobs New Mexico” campaign, a multilayered grassroots campaign to educate citizens about the impact of right-to-work.

“Though the county has yet to approve the measure, we thank Commissioner Bill Lee for introducing the ordinance and remain excited about the prospect of expanding workers’ freedom in McKinley County. We hope that as more folks begin to see stories of right-to-work growing economies across the country, McKinley county commissioners will revisit the ordinance and help make New Mexico a better place to live, work, and raise a family,” said AFP-NM State Director Burly Cain. “Momentum remains on our side, and we look forward to continue mobilizing in other counties on our road to make New Mexico the next right-to-work success story.”

AFP-NM has been the most vocal advocate in the state for local governments to pass policies that empower New Mexico workers. Last September, AFP-NM launched the “New Jobs New Mexico” campaign – a robust grassroots, direct mail, and digital effort to educate citizens about the impact of right-to-work. AFP-NM first rallied in Sandoval County in August 2017, which passed right-to-work on January 19th, 2018. AFP-NM then mobilized in Otero County, which passed right-to-work on April 12th. The group is committed to engaging across the state, county by county, to make New Mexico the next right-to-work success story.

The grassroots organization now turns its activists toward Lincoln and Chaves counties, which have already introduced right-to-work ordinances, as well as the broader grassroots efforts to support the vast majority of New Mexicans who support right-to-work.


“Americans for Prosperity announced its reentry into New Mexico politics about a year ago… the non-profit has been busy with its rapid fire attempt to pass right-to-work legislation, county by county.  Or, as the late U.S. Army Gen. Creighton Abrams reportedly suggested one eats an elephant—one bite at a time.” (“New right-to-work tactic: One piece at time,” NM Political Report, 4/25/18)


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