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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP Launches “Path to Prosperity” Policy Roadmap for New Congress

Dec 8, 2022 by AFP

8-Figure Commitment to Include Every Tool at AFP’s Disposal

Arlington, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is releasing its “Path to Prosperity,” a policy roadmap for the next Congress to address our country’s biggest challenges and help empower all Americans by expanding freedom and opportunity. This roadmap focuses on solutions that will reduce costs, ignite innovation, fuel energy abundance, increase accountability, and keep Americans safe.

As the nation’s leading policy-first grassroots organization, AFP understands the importance of elevating what you’re for, not just what you’re against. To unite Americans behind the “Path to Prosperity,” AFP will commit 8-figures to a long-term campaign and use every tool at its disposal, including door-to-door grassroots engagement, targeted advertising, educational events, community townhalls, and direct outreach to lawmakers, among others.

“If there’s one thing the election showed, it’s that neither Party has earned the trust and confidence of American voters,” said Brent Gardner, AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer.   “Continuing down the same path that has led nearly 80 percent of Americans to say we’re on the wrong track is a recipe for more economic pain. At the same time, sitting back and accepting the status quo until the next election would send a clear message that lawmakers have no interest in solving America’s challenges. Neither approach is acceptable to us or to the American people.”

The policies outlined in the “Path to Prosperity” tier up to three major goals: building an abundant economy, fixing broken systems, and transforming how government works. That means embracing an all-of-the-above approach to energy; keeping the tax burden low while reining in wasteful spending; removing regulatory barriers that stifle innovation; fixing our broken healthcare, immigration, and criminal justice systems; and ending loopholes that allow Congress to avoid accountability for bad policy.

“This roadmap offers a better way forward that will fix what’s broken, change how Washington operates, and make life more affordable,” said Gardner. “These are commonsense policies that both Democrats and Republicans can get behind, and we plan to leverage the full force of our grassroots communities to show lawmakers the support is there – and it’s up to them to deliver. Americans are tired of the partisan finger-pointing. This is a plan to get results.”

Part of the initial rollout will be a large-scale advertising campaign in early 2023 connecting Americans to the principles that ground AFP’s belief that freedom and opportunity are the keys to unlocking America’s potential and increasing prosperity. The commitment to these principles in the face of political pressure from extremes on both sides of the aisle is what sets AFP apart from other organizations that may cave to what’s popular in the moment.

In the coming months, AFP will be setting up meetings with hundreds of lawmakers – Republicans and Democrats – to seek out areas of agreement and identify where we can work together. If Congress and the administration choose instead to continue on the same path or accept the status quo, AFP will also be there to educate their constituents and hold them accountable.

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