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AFP Launches Campaign to Reignite the American Dream

Mar 16, 2023 by AFP

ARLINGTON, VA—Today, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) launched a major campaign to reignite the American dream by reconnecting millions of Americans to what is possible when people are empowered with the freedom and opportunity to pursue their American Dream.

“You and I both know that America isn’t reaching its full potential.”

The $4 million campaign aims to reconnect Americans to the foundational principles of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity that have made our country a beacon of light and hope throughout its history.

Rooted in AFP’s vision for helping America reach its fullest potential, the campaign will use video, social media, and connected TV to build a movement to empower every American and reach millions with the message that Americans can achieve extraordinary things when they have the freedom and opportunity to do so.

AFP’s policy solutions are grounded in these core American principles because we’ve seen their power to improve lives.

“Together, we can restore America’s promise with proven principled solutions. It’s time to reignite the American dream.”

Americans for Prosperity is the premier grassroots organization with activists in all 50 states building a movement to empower every American with the freedom and opportunity to reach their full potential.