Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP Issues Statement on Removal of Tariffs from Airbus-Boeing Dispute

Mar 4, 2021 by AFP

ARLINGTON, Va.—Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today issued the following statement from Dan Pearson, AFP Trade Policy Fellow, on the Biden administration’s decision to suspend tariffs previously imposed on a number of UK products stemming from the Boeing-Airbus dispute. The suspension will last four months while the countries attempt to resolve the matter:

“It is encouraging to see the Biden Administration provide relief from these tariffs. In addition to the benefits Americans will experience from this move, we are hopeful this will lead to a lasting settlement of the dispute between the US and the UK and EU. Freer trade increases individual freedom, creates economic opportunities, and leads to better standards of living. Now more than any time since 1932, removing trade barriers is in the best interest of the United States, and we support efforts to continue opening markets and ending costly trade wars.”

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