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AFP Issues Key Vote Alert in Opposition to the Green New Deal   

Mar 22, 2019 by AFP

ARLINGTON, Va. – Americans for Prosperity issued a Key Vote Alert on Friday, urging Senators to vote “NO” on passage of S.J. Res. 8, “The Green New Deal,” which represents an unprecedented attempt by government to control all aspects of American life.

By replacing the ingenuity and creativity of American businesses and entrepreneurs with mandates, regulations, and trillions in new government spending, the Green New Deal undermines its own goals and rigs the system even further in favor of well-connected, entrenched special interests – and against the people the government is supposed to serve. Americans for Prosperity is urging Congress to come together to find a better approach.

Read the Key Vote Alert Here

In the Key Vote Alert issued to Senators today, Americans for Prosperity Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner writes:

The unaffordable, unachievable and counterproductive collection of policy proposals contained in the Green New Deal have been sold by proponents as a means of protecting the environment.  We care deeply about the environment, but this is not an effective way to address environmental concerns, nor is it genuinely an environmental package.

Instead, the ideas contained in the Green New Deal would commandeer much of our economy at a staggering cost, undermining the freedom, innovation, and ingenuity that allow millions of Americans to earn success, provide for their families, and ultimately realize their potential. If brought to fruition, these proposals would negatively impact the prosperity of Americans for generations to come.

Rather than further rigging our economy with the onerous regulations, mandates, and trillions of new spending implicit in the Green New Deal, lawmakers should reroute our already unsustainable fiscal path and reduce the burden that spending and debt has put on current and future generations of Americans. The health, livelihood, and educational needs of all Americans will best be met by solutions that empower people and communities.

Instead of expanding government control, Washington should start removing barriers to opportunity and empowering free people in business, higher education, and communities to take on society’s biggest challenges. Instead of a managed economy manipulated by cronyism and corporate welfare, Washington should level the playing field so all businesses and entrepreneurs succeed by providing value for their customers – not getting special favors from politicians.

The government plays an important role, but it shouldn’t run Americans’ lives. Looking beyond the government to empower people in communities, schools, and businesses to work together to solve problems is a far better approach to meeting the health, livelihood and educational needs of all Americans.

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