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AFP Issues Key Vote Alert Against Bill to End Health Coverage for Millions

May 16, 2019 by AFP

Grassroots Activists Urge Lawmakers to Vote “NO” TODAY

 Measure Would Scrap Short-Term, Limited Duration Health Insurance 

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s largest free-market grassroots advocacy group, issued a Key Vote Alert today, urging members of Congress to vote “NO” on passage of H.R. 987. While AFP recognizes the need for solutions to rising drug costs, lumping this issue in with a bill that eliminates affordable health coverage is the wrong approach. By undoing positive steps taken by the Administration to expand access to short-term, limited duration (STLD) insurance plans, this bill would jeopardize coverage for 1.5 million Americans.

Read The Key Vote Alert Here

Americans for Prosperity Policy Manager David Barnes issued the following statement:

“Expanded access to short-term, limited duration plans has helped fill a critical gap in the health care market by offering Americans an affordable alternative to rising costs under Obamacare. These plans have reduced costs for and provided access to doctors and hospitals that aren’t covered by Obamacare exchange plans. Lawmakers should reject this attempt to force Americans back into overpriced Obamacare plans.”

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