AFP-Iowa Praises Rep. Blum for Leading on Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Legislation

Aug 31, 2018 by AFP

DES MOINES, Ia. – Americans for Prosperity-Iowa (AFP-IA) praised Representative Rod Blum today for leading on a vital criminal justice reform measure. After announcing Blum as a policy champion, and a Congressman the grassroots organization is supporting this election cycle, AFP-IA lauded Blum’s efforts to advance legislation to help provide a second chance to reformed, non-violent individuals who have paid their debt to society.

The Clean Slate Act would automatically seal federal records if an individual was convicted of a non-violent drug offense. The bill would also allow those persons to petition the court system to seal their records for other non-violent offenses.

“As Representative Blum said, this bill is common-sense reform. Individuals who have paid their debt to society deserve an opportunity to re-enter the workforce without additional barriers that keep them from providing for themselves and their families,” said AFP-IA State Director Drew Klein. “We are supporting Rod Blum in his race for re-election for a reason: he’s a principled Congressman who is leading on policies that are going to enable more people to improve their lives and our communities. We urge Iowans to vote for him on November 6th.”