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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP: Inexplicable for Congress to Focus on Bringing Back “Net Neutrality”

Jul 20, 2022 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Today, Americans for Prosperity issued the following statement on reports that lawmakers in Congress are planning to unveil so-called “Net Neutrality” legislation that would give the federal government greater control over major internet service providers.

“At a time of high inflation and a looming recession, the move from some members of Congress to revive ill-advised net neutrality rules is just inexplicable,” said James Czerniawski, Senior Tech Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity. “These Obama-era rules slowed down critical investments and stifled innovations in closing the digital divide. The FCC made the right decision under former Chairman Ajit Pai to repeal the Title II regulations in 2017.

“The pandemic highlighted the resiliency of US internet infrastructure, whereas Europe had to request that streaming services downgrade the quality of their content to better manage web traffic. The internet is not broken, and Washington should stop trying to bring back bad ideas. Instead, Congress should focus on providing relief to Americans who are paying more but getting less these days thanks to the inflation caused by Washington’s failed economic policies.”

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