AFP-Indiana Commends Senate for Passing Occupational Licensing Bill

Feb 6, 2018 by AFP

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Americans for Prosperity-Indiana (AFP-IN) today applauded the Senate for passing Senate Bill 399, which curbs the growth of burdensome and unnecessary occupational licensing regulations, by a vote of 41-6. AFP-IN, the state’s leading grassroots organization, has been at the forefront of opposing unnecessary occupational licenses without a compelling public need. The group now urges the House to swiftly approve the bill.

“The 21st Century presents enough challenges for Hoosiers trying to get ahead or support their family, and burdensome occupational licenses just make things harder. Today’s vote is a huge step toward breaking down barriers to opportunity and ensuring any occupational licenses are applied to protect the health and safety of the public, not protect established occupations from competition,” said AFP-IN State Director Justin Stevens. “We thank Senators Holdman and Koch for leading the charge to reform our occupational license laws and urge the House to quickly pass S.B. 399 and increase the economic opportunity for thousands of Hoosiers.”

S.B. 399, introduced by state Senators Travis Holdman and Eric Koch, requires regulators to review any proposed rules and review existing regulations once every seven years to ensure that licensing is the most appropriate form of regulation to use in each case. In addition, the bill will offer second chances to formerly incarcerated Hoosiers who have paid their debt to society by making it easier for them to rejoin the workforce in fields unrelated to their convictions.


Last week, AFP-IN State Director testified before the Senate Commerce and Technology Committee in support of S.B. 399, which passed committee by a 7-2 vote.

A recent study by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty examined whether occupational licenses improve employee safety at EMTs and Security Guards. Despite occupational licenses advocates’ claims, the study found there was no relationship between the amount of red tape and the frequency of injuries occurring.

Even a 2015 report by the Obama Administration found there are no improvements in quality or health and safety from more onerous occupational licensing.


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