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AFP Foundation: NJ Public Workers Making Their Own Choices

Feb 19, 2019 by AFP

TRENTON, NJ – AFP Foundation State Director Erica Jedynak issued the following statement in response to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey data indicating a 30,000-member reduction in public sector labor unions in New Jersey following the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME in 2018.

“The SCOTUS decision in Janus vs. AFSCME was a game changer. Public workers in New Jersey are no longer forced to choose between their jobs and compelled speech and association.  They now have the power of choice—to decide whether their hard-earned checks are used to support unions or not. The latest data indicates workers are exercising their newfound rights by the thousands. AFP Foundation will continue its partnership with the My Pay My Say campaign to educate and support workers and would encourage workers who have questions to reach out.”

BLS Survey Data

Total union membership has declined in New Jersey by 43,000 (30,000 fewer public sector union members and 13,000 fewer private sector). breaks down the BLS numbers. (On the left, scroll down to segment II, State: Union Membership, Coverage and compare 2017 to 2018.)


AFP Foundation – NJ partners with other organizations in the state and My Pay My Say, a national education and awareness campaign to support workers as they explore their options and exercise their rights. Outreach efforts include:

  • Acting as a resource for public sector union members seeking clarity and guidance about this ruling;
  • Supplying critical information and updates to workers on changes to state and federal labor relations policies;
  • Providing a platform for aggrieved government workers to share their experiences with the media and general public;
  • Providing analysis and research for media, partners, and the public from policy and legal experts at Americans for Prosperity Foundation – NJ and our affiliates.

More on the initiative can found at