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AFP Foundation Launches FOIA Inquiry Into Administration’s Lease Sale Cancellation 

May 13, 2022 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – In response to the Biden Administration cancelling planned oil and gas lease sales, Americans for Prosperity Foundation is issuing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to help Americans better understand why the White House would take this action and how it squares with President Biden’s claims that inflation is his “top priority.”

AFP Vice President Akash Chougule issued the following statement:

“After saying inflation is his top priority, the president’s actions have been an uninterrupted formula for making inflation worse. Canceling these lease sales while Americans are paying $4.40 per gallon shows the White House is unfortunately continuing to drive an extreme, out-of-touch partisan agenda at the expense of working families.

“The policies that would relieve costs aren’t a secret – encourage energy development, drop tariffs, stop flooding the economy with reckless spending, and break down the barriers that have stifled cost-saving innovation. What Americans have got instead are endless excuses and desperate political one-liners to try to deflect the blame.

“It’s hard to fathom why an administration that claims to want to provide relief at the pump, stem inflation, and strengthen our economy would cancel these sales. Our organization will be working to make sure Americans get those answers.”

Americans for Prosperity recently launched its “True Cost of Washington” campaign to connect Americans to how reckless spending and regulatory policies in Washington are a driver of today’s record inflation and provide solutions proven to lower costs and spark innovation.

According to a new poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, 73 percent of Americans believe the massive increase in government spending over the past two years has been a “major cause” of higher prices – and an overwhelming 88 percent agreed that making it easier to develop and produce American energy would be an effective way to reduce inflation.

Click here to read the AFP Foundation FOIA letter.