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Do you feel your cost of living has increased this year?

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Why is your cost of living so high in 2022?

Wasteful government spending is increasing inflation to a 40-year high.

Too much red tape is limiting affordable energy and innovation, driving up gas prices.

This is Washington’s price hike. You pay more and get less.

Sixty-two percent of Americans think their family’s income is falling behind, and 83 percent of voters say they’re experiencing hardship due to increased prices.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, real wages are down 2.6 percent in the last year.
$5.2kPer Household
On top of that, inflation is costing the average American household $430 per month — essentially an additional tax of $5,200 this year.

So how can we decrease the cost of living?

We can reduce inflation, lower gas prices, and make life affordable for all Americans if we:

  • Unleash American energy abundance
  • Cut the red tape keeping prices high
  • Stop restricting our housing supply
  • Demand Congress budget better
  • Fuel the flexible workforce of tomorrow
  • Tackle rising costs through trade

These grassroots solutions can have an immediate effect on our current economic crisis.

Download the ebook today to learn how these policies can decrease the cost of living in America.

While politicians propose more of what’s gotten us here to begin with, we’re offering a better way that unleashes energy abundance, ends wasteful spending, and removes regulations that suppress the supply of energy and goods — sometimes intentionally.”

— AFP Vice President Akash Chougule