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AFP-FL Wants Florida Lawmakers to Expand Education Option

Feb 27, 2018 by AFP

Grassroots group thanks Florida House members for passing H.B. 7055

Tallahassee, Florida – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) has launched a direct mail campaign to thank members of the Florida legislature for passing H.B. 7055 out of the House of Representatives. H.B. 7055 creates the Hope Scholarship, which allows alternative education options for victims of bullying and harassment across Florida.  It also makes permanent the Principal Autonomy Pilot Program that would increase the number of schools that benefit from increased administrative flexibility.

On Monday, AFP-FL launched an effort to thank Florida lawmakers that voted to support a provision within H.B. 7055 to expand the rights of teachers by creating more accountability and transparency requirements for government unions.

View Education Freedom mailer here

“This bill is another great opportunity for Florida to cement itself as a leader in providing education freedom options. We commend Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran for his leadership and thank the members of the House for passing this bill. We hope the Senate works thoughtfully to make sure H.B. 7055 is the best product possible to empower students and teachers in our state.”

AFP-FL will score votes on HB7055 in its current form in their annual Economic Freedom Scorecard. If the bill is amended, the group will adjust scoring accordingly. The group will also dedicate their signature grassroots capabilities to educating citizens about this bill and call on lawmakers to continue to support policies that make one of the state’s most critical investments a key priority.