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AFP-FL Targets Darren Soto’s Support of Bidenomics’ Runaway Spending in New Ad

Mar 1, 2024 by AFP

Turns Up Heat on Lawmakers Who Voted for Higher Prices and More Inflation

ORLANDO, FL—Days before President Biden’s State of the Union address, Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) launched a new round of accountability ads highlighting Congressman Darren Soto (FL-09), among other politicians, who supported Biden’s runaway spending which has led to higher inflation felt by Floridians.

WATCH: “Runaway Train”

In the last four years, Biden’s reckless spending has driven the national debt past $34 trillion – more than $258,000 of debt per household – and Americans’ purchasing power has declined as families have seen the prices of goods and services rise much faster than their income. Prices are now 17.9% higher and the average household is paying $11,400 more each year just to maintain the same quality of life as when Biden took office.

AFP-FL State Director, Skylar Zander, made the following statement:

“Hardworking Floridians are paying more and getting less as a result of the out-of-control spending Bidenomics has allowed. Congressman Soto should help Florida focus on the needs of the everyday people he represents who are struggling to make ends meet, fill up their gas tank, or go to the grocery store.

“We can’t afford a future of Bidenomics and must demand that our economy gets back on track so Floridians can live to their fullest potential.”

The ads will run on digital and connected TV in Florida for Congressman Soto.

Click HERE to join the movement and demand that Congress stop its wasteful spending and address our exploding national debt.