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AFP-CO Issue Committee Launches Digital Ads: Protect Taxpayers, Support Initiatives 295 and 306

Aug 17, 2020 by AFP

Denver, Colo. – Americans for Prosperity-Colorado Issue Committee on Monday announced its first ad buy to supplement its grassroots efforts urging Coloradans to support ballot initiatives 295 and 306. Initiative 295, the “Voter Approval of Fees” ballot initiative, gives Coloradans an opportunity to require future large state fee increases to be approved by a vote of the people. Initiative 306 provides an income tax reduction for all Coloradans.


This first wave of the grassroots group’s investment includes a fifteen second digital video ad focused on the “Voter Approval of Fees” initiative. Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) ensures any tax increase passed by the legislature must first be approved by Colorado voters prior to implementation. Fee increases, which have the same result as tax increases, are not subject to TABOR protections, effectively allowing lawmakers to circumvent Colorado voters and increase taxes without input from Colorado voters guaranteed by TABOR protections.


Americans for Prosperity-Colorado Issue Committee Director Jesse Mallory on Initiative 295:

“Fees and taxes go by different names but they have the same outcome: less money for Coloradans to care for their families and more money for politicians to wastefully spend with little oversight. For too long, politicians have gone to great lengths to pass taxes as “fees” to avoid giving voters a chance to make their voice heard on the matter. It is time to end this misguided practice and empower Colorado voters by strengthening our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights to bring fees under the authority of voters’ approval.”

Americans for Prosperity-Colorado Issue Committee Director Jesse Mallory on Initiative 306:

“Right now, who needs money more – politicians, or everyday Coloradans? Reducing the state income tax would help keep more money in the pockets of hard-working Coloradans to help make ends meet, support their families, and invest in their communities.”


Paid for by Americans for Prosperity Colorado Issue Committee. Registered Agent: Alex Varban.