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AFP Applauds Introduction of HB 995, Free Expression in Higher Ed

Feb 25, 2020 by AFP

ATLANTA, GA—Americans for Prosperity-Georgia (AFP-GA) today issued a statement in response to the introduction of HB 995, the companion bill to SB 318 that protects the free expression rights of students.

AFP-GA activists have urged their lawmakers to pass important steps towards protecting free speech in higher education. The organization mobilized several college students from across the state to testify in support of SB 318 and is continuing to run digital advertisements that encourage lawmakers to take up these important bills.

AFP-GA Deputy State Director Tony West issued the following statement:

“HB 995 is a great step towards protecting students’ ability to engage with ideas and with each other. Higher education plays an essential role in driving discovery and innovation, and these protections clear the way for faculty and students to continue that legacy. We urge our lawmakers to take this step toward providing these protections to Georgia’s campuses.”


AFP released a statement when SB 318 was announced: AFP Supports Free Expression in Higher Ed; Applauds Bill Introduction

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